12-song CD released on October 6, 2009

Supercluster released their first full-length CD "Waves" on October 6, 2009. You can get the Waves CD and/or the 7" vinyl of "I Got the Answer" / "Sunflower Clock" at Wuxtry in downtown Athens and at


As well as from iTunes.

Published by: Bug Music, BMI
Distributed by: Secretly Canadian
Produced by: Vanessa Briscoe Hay
Assitsted by: Randy Bewley, Hannah Jones, John Fernandes, Jason NeSmith, and Kay Stanton

Recorded and Mixed: Bel*Air Studios, Athens, GA by Jason NeSmith, except Peace Disco Song, Brave Tree, Mermaid’s Tale, Anyone and Too Many Eights, which were recorded at Starratt Studios, Watkinsville, GA with additional recording and all mixing done at Bel*Air Studios

Mastered by: Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse, Duluth, GA
Logo/Cover: Candy
Cover art: Randy Bewley
Graphics/layout: Kay Stanton
Back cover art: Hannah Jones
Interior booklet art: Kiran Fernandes, Hannah Jones, and Kay Stanton
Photos: Mike White, Deadly Designs
Promotion: Team Clermont
Manufactured by: Bellwether, Bloomington, IN


You can get the this drawing and other art at Hannah Jones' Esty shop

Songs by: Music by Supercluster ©2009, lyrics by Vanessa Briscoe Hay, except “The Night I Died” by Kay Stanton ©1998, “Sunflower Clock” lyrics by Vanessa Briscoe Hay, music by Hannah Jones and Supercluster ©2009, “Anyone” by Bob Hay ©1984 and “River” by Hana Hay ©2009. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

Thanks to: Bentley Adult Daycare Center, Blair and Adam Bewley, Sarah Cabaniss, Casper & the Cookies, Cloud Recordings, Bradford Cox, Laura David, Dub, Cathy Edmonds, Peter Erchick, Peter Fancher, Ravi, Sophie and Kiran Fernandes, Will Cullen Hart, Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars, Victoria and Hana Hay, Michael Lachowski, Heather McIntosh, Maureen McLaughlin, Shari Nettles, Nuçi’sSpace, Pylon, Putter, Kathryn Refi, Robert and Marci Schneider, Ken and Jorma Starratt, Mike Turner, the nurses of 3 West, Mike White and anyone else who helped along the way.